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Boost Your Website Insight with dappling-analytics! - A New Way to Track Your Success

Introducing dappling-analytics, a user-friendly analytics package tailored for developers. Explore how this package can transform your insight into users and page views.

2 min read Namaskar 🙏 X Bookcliff

Hey, fellow developers! 👋 Here at dAppling, we’ve been harnessing the power of @vercel/analytics to keep our finger on the pulse of our site’s performance. Every Monday, we’re either celebrating a ‘good’ week or strategizing to turn a ‘bad’ week around. But we know that these insights aren’t just valuable to us. That’s why we’ve crafted something special for you: the dappling-analytics package. 🚀

Why dappling-analytics?

Because we know that analytics are crucial to understanding what’s happening on your site, we wanted to offer something more than a one-size-fits-all solution. With dappling-analytics, you’ll get:

And all this comes with an easy-to-use interface right in the dappling app!

How to Get Started

  1. Installation via Your Favorite Package Manager: Just like any other NPM package, installing dappling-analytics is simple: npm install dappling-analytics or yarn install dappling-analytics.

  2. Integration with React and NextJS: Our <Analytics /> component, built with React, makes integration seamless. Simply import it from our /react folder to access the component. If you’re using other frameworks, a bit more configuration might be needed (but we’re here to help!).

    import { Analytics } from 'dappling-analytics/react'

  3. Tracking Beyond Page Views: Although we’re starting with tracking page views and unique users, we’re already planning to add more useful datapoints, such as customizable events.

  4. The Backend Stuff: Our API endpoint and database storage are designed to make your analytics data easily accessible and interpretable.

dappling-analytics flow


Here at dAppling, we believe that insight shouldn’t be complicated. The dappling-analytics package is our way of sharing a piece of our garden with you. 🌱 Whether you’re looking to understand your performance better or just want a quick and easy way to tell if you had a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ week, dappling-analytics has got you covered.

Ready to watch your garden grow? 🌼🌻 Try dappling-analytics today! Check out our docs or contact our friendly team if you need any help. We’re just an email away!

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